Police in Highlands and Islands report high level of compliance around schools following Easter speed checks

The checks were carried out as part of Operation Route after the Easter holidays to remind drivers of the 20mph restriction in force outside most schools, to ensure the safety of all school attendees and to encourage motorists to drive at lesser speeds.

Divisional Road Policing Acting Sergeant John Forsyth said: "Between Tuesday 22 and Friday 25 April 2014, there were 63 separate speed checks carried out at schools across the Highlands and Islands. During those checks there were over 1500 motorists checked and from that 28 drivers were charged and 47 were warned about their speed. One driver was reported for dangerous driving after being detected at 45mph in the 20mph speed limit."

Highland and Islands Road Policing Inspector, Neil Lumsden said: "In general these checks show a really good level of speed compliance outside schools. It is worthy of note that as we neared the end of the week the number of motorists detected travelling above the speed limit declined. This shows that our visible presence is having an effect and raising the awareness of speed limits outside schools which is an important part of road safety.

"Although last week was a focussed period of activity I would like to remind the public that we will continue to carry out speed checks outside schools for the remainder of the year."

Police are keen to remind road users that those caught driving above the 20mph restriction that is in place around most schools in built-up areas could face being issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice or even be reported to the Procurator Fiscal, depending on the circumstances.


28 Apr 2014
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