Kingussie High Street A86 Planned maintenance - footpath resurfacing works

A twelve week programme to repair the footpath at Kingussie High Street (A86) is to start next week in response to local concerns about the uneven surface.

The first length of pathway to be upgraded will be between the bus stop opposite Ruthven Court and the Columba Terrace Junction.  The second section is between Manse Road junction and Gynack Street junction.

For the safety of road workers, pedestrians and road users, temporary lane closures with footway diversions will be required while the works are taking place.

BEAR Scotland will be carrying out the work on behalf of Transport Scotland.  Their  North West Unit Representative, Eddie Ross said:

“These maintenance works will improve the footpaths and make sure that they continue to be safe for pedestrians in this busy shopping location, for many years to come.

“We are working with local businesses to keep disruption to minimum and are adapting our programme to take their needs into account.  Contact details will be given to all shopkeepers and we are urging them to get in touch with us if they have any concerns during the work.”

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24 Apr 2014
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