ECS Director announces intention to retire

Mr Fraser, who will be 60 in July, will retire at the end of September after more than 37 years service as a teacher and in education management.

He has given early notice to enable the new Care and Learning Service to take shape.  This sees the merger of the Education Culture and Sport Service with Health and Social Care Services from 28 April.  Mr Bill Alexander, presently Director of Heath and Social Care, will become the Director of Care and Learning. 

Mr Fraser and Mr Alexander will continue working together over the coming months and until Mr Fraser’s retirement, to ensure the success of the integration of the two Services.

The Education Culture and Sport Service is the biggest spending Service in the Council with a budget of £235 million.  The Council runs 176 primary, 29 secondary and four special schools, involving  2,700 teaching staff educating 30,700 children.

From Bunchrew, near Inverness,  Mr Fraser was educated at Kirkton Primary School, near Inverness, and Inverness Royal Academy and taught in schools in East Lothian, Midlothian and Edinburgh after graduating from Edinburgh University.

He returned to the Highlands in 1988 as assistant divisional education officer for Inverness with Highland Regional Council. Mr Fraser has held a number of posts within the Council.  Before becoming Director in 2007, he was Head of Support Services.


22 Apr 2014
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