Police in Highlands and Islands to target speeding motorists around schools

Police Scotland Highlands and Islands Division are targeting speeding motorists around the region’s roads from today (Tuesday 22nd April 2014), for the remainder of the week to ensure the safety of all school attendees and encourage motorists to drive at lesser speeds.

Under Operation Route, the Division-wide initiative will focus on primary and secondary schools from Tuesday 22nd April 2014 until Friday 25th April 2014, particularly in areas where those attending are known to walk to and from school.

Police are keen to remind motorists of the 20mph restriction that is in place around most schools in built up areas and those caught driving above this could face being issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice or even be reported to the Procurator Fiscal, depending on the circumstances.

Divisional Road Policing Acting Sergeant John Forsyth said: "During the coming week of schools going back after the Easter break we will be targeting those who choose to drive at speed close to schools in order to ensure the safety of all those attending. This is for the primary purpose of keeping people safe, most importantly, our children safe."

He continued: "I would like to ask that those driving in the vicinity of schools be aware not only of their speed but also of their surroundings, not just in the next week but throughout the remainder of the school year."

Routine speed checks will continue across the area throughout the school year on conclusion of this high visibility initiative.


22 Apr 2014
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