New operating rules at Highland Recycling Centres

From 28th April 2014, The Highland Council’s Recycling Centres will no longer accept waste associated with commercial or trade activities (i.e. work carried out for business or profit) such as household clearances, furniture removals and handyman or gardening services. 

A letter explaining these changes has been written to a number of businesses of this type that have used the Recycling Centres in the past and includes details of licensed disposal facilities in their area where they can dispose of their waste. 

Staff at Recycling Centres across the region will turn away individuals or businesses that attempt to deposit this type of waste and issue them with a Rejection Notice and a leaflet detailing alternative local licensed disposal facilities.  As required by law, SEPA will also be notified of the details of the individual or business and the type of waste that is being carried. 

This measure forms part of a Highland wide review of the Council’s Recycling Centres and aims to improve the operation of the sites by driving down waste from commercial operators, increasing recycling and improving skip availability at peak times for householders. 

Chairman of The Highland Council’s Community Services, Councillor Graham Philips said: “In recent years the amount of waste sent to landfill from Recycling Centres has been steadily rising and with landfill tax now at £80 per tonne it is imperative that the Council takes action to increase recycling and reduce waste to landfill and that the cost of business waste is not borne by the householder.”   

The 21 Recycling Centres in Highland are provided to make it easier for householders to recycle more of their waste by offering a range of materials for recycling.   For details of where the Recycling Centres are situated or for further information about using them, please contact the recycling team on 01349 886603; email or visit,.uk

22 Apr 2014
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