“My Heart’s in the Highlands” event spotlights Cromarty shoreline

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The important role of the seashore in Cromarty will be the theme of a special “One Day’s Tides” workshop taking place in Cromarty tomorrow (Wednesday 27th August).   The Hugh Miller Birthplace Cottage and Museum, Cromarty, is inviting people to come along and use photography and poetry to explore themes such as the natural world of the seashore, food from the sea, and the Cromarty seashore as the last view of the Highlands which many emigrants saw as they left the port bound for the New World. The materials produced at the workshop will form the basis of a temporary exhibition to be staged at the Museum later this year.  

Alix Power-Jones of the Hugh Miller Birthplace Cottage and Museum said:  “The aim of the day is to record (swiftly) in images and perhaps in words the littoral zone, the coastal foreshore between the high water mark and the area that is permanently submerged by the sea, in that brief time it is exposed between the tides.  We tend to think of the sea as something that divides us and which forms an obstacle to be crossed by bridge or boat.  However, in past times the sea united communities and it was the means by which food was gathered, goods transported, battles fought, allegiances formed, people migrated, identities forged.   The foreshore was the last sight of departing emigrants in the past and the first sight of joyous holiday makers and visitors today.”    

The workshop will take place 9.30am- 3.00pm tomorrow at the Old Brewery, Cromarty.  Tickets cost £15.00 each.  For further details of this and the many other “Heart” events happening in the Highlands and Moray this year, please visit http://www.hearthighland.org/ 



26 Aug 2014
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