Children’s Services in Caithness

Children’s services in Highland are moving forward with the creation of Family Teams as part of the community services to children, young people and families.

This means that most staff involved in providing services to children, such as social workers, health visitors and school nurses will all be part of the new Family Team.

Other staff working with children, such as occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and primary mental health workers will work closely with the family teams to provide services in a streamlined and efficient way.

As part of the creation of the new teams, The Highland Council has been looking at co-location of staff wherever possible and agreed that the new Wick Council Offices was the best base for all staff members in future.

As the lease for the offices in High Street Thurso has come to an end, Social Workers, Health Visitors, School Nurses, Primary Mental Health Worker and Speech and Language Therapists have begun the move to Wick.  This will allow adult services staff who are presently based in High Street to move into the NHS premises in Davidson’s Lane Thurso.

Services to children and families will continue to be provided in all areas of Caithness.  Staff members will still provide services locally but will have their office in Wick.

Baby clinics will continue to take place in Davidson’s Lane in Thurso and planned meetings will also continue to take place in Thurso. 

Members of the public can make telephone contact with children’s services staff on 01955 605040 or drop into the Service Point in Thurso and ask for assistance to contact children’s services.

There are plans to have some accommodation in Thurso in the future which will include additional clinic space, meeting space and family contact space.  Premises for this provision have been identified in the grounds of a local school in Thurso and plans are being drawn up to make them suitable.  While that work is on-going staff members will be able to meet members of the public in the Service Point and meeting rooms will be booked for larger meetings until the permanent arrangements are complete.

The Council recognises the changes for both staff members and the public. While the staff base will be in Wick in future, the Council continue to strive to provide improving services to children and their families across the Caithness geographic area.


29 Aug 2014