Call to attend Kirking of the Council

Kirking of the Council 2016
Photos by Ewen Weatherspoon: Kirking of the Council 2016

The Highland Council is inviting members of the public, especially those who work in the public services to attend the annual Kirking of the Council Service on Sunday 14 September 2014. Before the service there will be a procession to the Old High Church, in Inverness.
The event will be marked with colour and pageantry as the pipes and drums of the Royal British Legion – Inverness Branch, and the Illinois USA Saint Andrews Society Pipe Band lead uniformed youth groups from the Town House and along Bank Street to the Old High Church – the oldest church in the city.
Provost of Inverness Councillor Alex Graham said: “The Kirking is our City’s oldest regular event and continues to be a very important local occasion. The City’s councillors and officials will again commit themselves to the service of the local community in a very public way.  Inverness has had a Kirking ceremony for more than 400 years and its current standing shows how seriously Inverness takes its traditions and its public services.

“The Kirking is also an attractive and enjoyable local occasion for both local residents and visitors alike, taking place at a time when the City is buzzing with other events such as the World Masters Championship.”
Pupils and Head Teachers from some of the city’s primary and secondary schools, together with Inverness Highland Councillors in traditional red robes and Council officials will join the procession from the Town House to be greeted at the Old High Kirk by the Reverend Peter Nimmo, Minister of Old High St Stephen’s Church. Representatives from the University of the Highlands and Islands will also be participating in the ceremony.

The Rev Peter W Nimmo, minister of Old High St Stephen's, will preach at the service. He said: “As always, there is an open invitation to everyone in the community to join us at the Kirking, especially all who work in public service or involved in politics in any way. I will be speaking of the importance of everyone, of all political persuasions, working together for the common good in the uncertain weeks and months ahead.”

Previous years have seen many onlookers turn out to see the 200-strong colourful procession make its way from the Town House to the Old High Kirk and its return after the Kirking Service.
The Kirking of the Council is a significant annual event in the life of the City of Inverness, rooted in a tradition dating back some 400 years.  It is held on the second Sunday in September each year and is an important date in the calendar of events for the City of Inverness. It is an occasion that is highly valued by the Council, the Kirk, and the local community.
The parade begins from the High Street at 10.45am. The service in the Old High Church, which is open to all, begins at 11.15am.

8 Sep 2014
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