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How to vote
How to vote

With just days to go before the referendum on Scottish independence, Highland’s Counting Officer Steve Barron is urging voters to make sure their vote counts.

He said: “We want everyone’s vote to count, whether they are voting by post or in person at a polling place on 18 September.  The safest way to ensure your vote counts is to only put one ‘X’ in the box beside the option you want to choose.

“To make your vote count please do not tick the box of your choice; do not write in the box of your choice; do not colour or draw in the box of your choice; do not sign your ballot; just put one ‘X’ in the box of your choice.”

Every ballot paper in the referendum, whether used or unused, is accounted for throughout the entire process. Mr Barron said voter confidence in the overall result was paramount.

Separate counts will be held in each local authority area in Scotland and there will be 32 local totals, leading to one overall national result.  There is only one result – the aggregate of all 32 local totals.

Guidance for voters is available at a local and national level to help you at every stage of the referendum process to make sure your vote counts. 

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Issued on behalf of the Counting Officer for Highland, Mr Steve Barron.


9 Sep 2014
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