A new World Guinness Record was achieved at the Tomatin Toss, Inverness

World Record Caber Toss
Provost of Inverness Alex Graham and Angus Dick, Chair of the Inverness Highland Games Committee are presented with the Guinness World Record certificate by Jack Brockbank from Guinness World Records.

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A new World Guinness Record has been set. The most people tossing cabers simultaneously was achieved at an event organised by The Highland Council at the Masters World Championships in Inverness on 14 September 2014.

Following the weekend which was packed with Highland homecoming festivities and sporting events the Provost of Inverness, Alex Graham said:

"It was a great spectacle of heavy event competitors from all over the world competing on the Bught Park in glorious sunshine. Inverness did them proud. They were all highly positive about the hosting and hospitality and I hope they will be back in the city again whenever their sporting schedule permits.

"The Guinness Record Tomatin Caber Toss was the culmination of the weekend of sporting events. The Bught Park has been the scene of many sporting achievements over the year, but nothing like this before. It was a unique spectacle with over 100 caber throwers taking part, and achieving a Guinness World Record of 66 thrown simultaneously."

He also commented on the Kirking of the Council which took place earlier on the Sunday.

"It was a perfect Kirking Day with great weather and a tremendous parade. There was an excellent service led by Rev Peter Nimmo in the Old High with a big attendance. It was particularly encouraging to see a good turnout of schools and youth organisations, as well as many local residents and visitors to the City attending the service.

"The Kirking of the Council, continues a tradition that dates back over four hundred years. Tradition is a good thing. We live in a society, which has experienced rapid change for a long time, to a degree unknown within living memory. The pace of change shows no signs of reducing. 

“Although there have been major changes in recent times, the core purpose has been maintained, which is councillors meeting with and listening to the faith community. This is the same as it has always been."


15 Sep 2014
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