Head teacher appointed for new Caithness school


Mr Ally Budge has been appointed by The Highland Council to the post of head teacher for Noss Primary School – the new North of the River Primary School in Wick which will replace North and Hillhead Primary Schools.  

His appointment (in advance of the school opening in August 2015) is to ensure a smooth transition of both Hillhead and Wick North Primary Schools into the new Noss Primary School.  

Mr Budge was previously head teacher at Hillhead Primary and continues to have responsibility for Hillhead.  

Mr Budge has worked in Highland since 1986 and became head teacher at Hillhead Primary in 1999.  

He said: “Noss Primary School is the first step in a process which will mark a new era in the structure of education in Wick. I look forward to leading the school at this exciting and very important time."  


6 Oct 2014
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