Motorists advised of weight restriction on Dulsie Bridge


Following an inspection of the C1154 Dulsie Bridge crossing the River Findhorn, The Highland Council has imposed an emergency temporary 7.5 tonne weight restriction on the bridge.  

The restriction was made on 29 September 2014 on the C1154 Cawdor - Clunas - Dulsie - Aitnoch Road at Dulsie Bridge. Emergency vehicles are exempted.  

Alternative routes for vehicles are available using the:

  •          C1154 Cawdor - Clunas - Dulsie - Aitnoch Road;
  •          B9007 Duthill - Ferness - Relugas Road; and
  •          C1173 Belivat – Dulsie Wood Road.  

Further work is being carried out to explore what measures can be undertaken to rehabilitate the structure. A repair scheme is being considered by the Council’s Development and Infrastructure Service including where and when this will be included in the Council’s Capital Programme.   



6 Oct 2014
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