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Road users on Scotland’s longest road, the A9, are being urged to refresh their speed limit knowledge in advance of the new average speed camera system going live on Tuesday 28 October.

A new A9 Safety Group campaign, which begins today, will raise awareness of the appropriate speed limits on the 273 mile long route and gives drivers the knowledge that they need to stay legal and safe, when they are behind the wheel.

It will remind those driving cars, the national speed limit is 60mph on single carriageway sections, including the overtaking lanes and 70mph on dual carriageways.

With the average speed camera system becoming operational at the end of the month, all drivers are being asked to visit where the latest information on speed limits for all categories of vehicles is available. There is also information on the 50 mph HGV pilot which will also begin, between Perth and Inverness, on October 28.

Minister for Transport and Veterans, Keith Brown, said: “We all have a responsibility for safety when we are driving and staying within the speed limit is an important part of that.

“It is always a good idea to brush up on knowledge of the Highway Code and I am sure that this campaign will give everyone who uses the A9 a useful reminder of what the limits are on this important route.
“Education is a key part of the A9 Safety Group’s work and campaigns like this, in combination with the engineering improvements and enhanced enforcement, will help make improvements in advance of our three billion pound dualling programme.”

Chair of the A9 Safety Group Stewart Leggett said: “Average speed cameras encourage motorists to improve their general driving behaviour by reducing excessive speed and we are already seeing this on the A9 where the number of people going over the limit is falling without the cameras even being operational.
“A third of people who drive the route told us that they did not know what the speed limit on a dual carriageway was and we want give them every opportunity to refresh their knowledge ahead of the cameras going live.

“The A9 Safety Group website, at, has all of the information required and I hope road users find it to be a valuable resource, not just for this campaign, but for the wealth of information it holds about one of Scotland’s most iconic roads and our efforts to make it safer for all.”

The campaign will run across radio and online whilst also being supported by PR and social media.
Visit to find out more.


9 Oct 2014
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