Rescheduled date for school provision consultation report

The final report in relation to the statutory consultation on school provision in North West Skye will be considered at the Education, Children and Adult Services (ECAS) Committee of the 14th January 2015.  This is to ensure the necessary time for full account to be taken of the public consultation.  The Highland Council has advised the Parent Councils of Struan, Dunvegan, Knockbreak and Edinbane Primary Schools of this, as they had previously been informed that the matter would be considered at the November meeting of the Committee.   

Legislation requires the report to be issued at least 3 weeks in advance of consideration by the Committee.  However, given the Christmas and New Year holidays, it is intended that it will be published in early December.  

Bill Alexander, Director of Care & Learning said: "The decision to move the presentation of the final report from the November Committee is to allow sufficient time to respond to the comments that have arisen from the consultation process.”  

Councillor Alasdair Christie, Chair of the Committee said: “This is a vital issue for children and families in North and West Skye, as we consider the educational benefits of changes to local provision.  It is important that officers ensure that the Council gives full consideration to matters raised in the public consultation.” 


20 Oct 2014
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