Highland Council Leadership backs calls for fairer electricity charges in Highlands and Islands

The Leadership of Highland Council has turned up the heat on OFGEM and called for action against unfair surcharges which make electricity costs higher for consumers in the Highlands and Islands.

The Highland Council Administration is responding in support of action being taken by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar and will be writing to OFGEM to call for fairer energy charges in the Highlands and Islands.

Council Leader Drew Hendry said: “It is extremely unfair that consumers in the Highlands and Islands are being charged 2p per unit more than anyone elsewhere in Scotland for their electricity. It will be particularly galling to people in the Highlands and Islands that we are paying higher charges for energy which is largely produced here.

“We are asking the Scottish Government to call on OFGEM to deal with this issue and we are keen to work in partnership with the Western Isles and other councils, with Energy Companies and with industry regulators to address this inequality.”

Depute Leader David Alston added: “Many people living in rural areas are already living in fuel poverty, facing higher fuel and transportation costs, and wondering how they are going to heat their homes this winter. Consumers in the Highlands and Islands have been faced with huge rises in energy costs year on year and to now realise that they are paying a surcharge above everyone else in the UK adds insult to injury!  It is time for the industry regulators to get their act together and sort out this anomaly this winter. ”

Convener Jimmy Gray promised to raise the matter at COSLA. He said: “We will work with other councils to do what it takes to get equality on fuel across Scotland.  This is an important concern for all communities in the Highlands and I am sure all council members will support us in driving this issue forward to a successful conclusion.”



21 Oct 2014
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