Highland Council calls on UK Government to reinstate adequate coastal protection

The Highland Council is renewing its call upon the UK Government to reinstate adequate coastal protection measures for the Highlands and Islands.

Leader of the Council, Drew Hendry raised the matter at the Convention of the Highlands and Islands earlier this week, and asked for the support of the full council, strategic partners and the Island Councils, in asking the UK Government to reinstate an Emergency Towing Vessel in the Minches without further delay and to commit to extending the lease for the Emergency Towing Vessel based in Kirkwall.

He said:  “Recent events strengthen the case further and highlight the importance of the need to urgently address this risk.  The incident in early October of a fire on the MV Parida resulted in the vessel losing power whilst carrying a shipment of nuclear material close to our shores. This type of incident is a reality, which not only puts lives of those at sea at risk, but exposes our coastal communities to unnecessary risk also. I want to make a very clear point that this is the position of the Highlands and Islands Authorities. It is imperative that this matter is addressed as a matter of urgency.”

The Council agreed to lobby the UK Government on the matter and to bring a report to the next Community Services Committee.



30 Oct 2014
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