Stromeferry Bypass option appraisal considered

Members of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Committee yesterday examined the findings of Strategic Transport Appraisal Guidelines (STAG) appraisal carried out for the Stromeferry Bypass.  

An update of the appraisal process was given where nine routes have been evaluated in great detail.  From this work three preferred options are under consideration together with potential sources of external funding given the challenging financial environment.  

It is recognised that the costs of delivery of all routes, including the emerging three routes, are high and the economic benefit evaluated by the STAG process are all low.  

Members discussed the range of options and recognised the challenges of funding the solution and agreed the need to build a case which reflects the wider economic impact and opportunities for the area.  

It was agreed that officers pursue funding opportunities from Scottish Government, Highland and Island Enterprise and European funding opportunities, and will report to committee on progress on funding in 6 months’ time.  

The three emerging routes include northern route with a bridge crossing of Strome Narrows and a bypass at Lochcarron, an online route with a railway viaduct in the loch with the road moved away from the rockface to the existing rail location and a Southern route through Glen Udalain.  

Copies of all the reports are now on The Highland Council’s website


6 Nov 2014
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