Options for the Corran Ferry service to be further developed

The Community Services Committee today considered the implications of a report on the cost of running the Corran Ferry, which, despite fare increases, continues to run at a deficit.

Under European State Aid tests, there is a real possibility that the public funding of the Corran Ferry service deficit may be viewed as State Aid.

Director of Community Services said: “We want to be as open and transparent as possible. Rural deprivation is a key issue, but this is the position – State Aid regulations mean that we can’t be seen to continue to subsidise the running of the ferry and we have therefore presented 3 options for closing the funding gap.”

The Committee considered three clear options which are:

  • to continue running the service by increasing charges to meet costs;
  • to re-tender the service;
  • to transfer the service to Transport Scotland.

Community Services Chairman, Cllr Graham Mackenzie said: “We are committed to doing the best we can for the people in the community, within the legal framework.”

A detailed report will be brought to the Committee in 2015.



6 Nov 2014
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