Drivers reminded of new lower drink drive limit



The Highland Council is supporting a nationwide campaign to remind drivers of the new lower drink drive limit in Scotland and share advice on how to stay safe this festive period.  

Scotland’s drink drive limit has been lowered from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood to 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood.  

The advice when it comes to drinking and driving continues to be that the best approach is not to drink any alcohol at all before getting behind the wheel.  

Chair of the Council’s Community Safety, Public Engagement and Equalities Committee, Councillor Angela MacLean is encouraging drivers not to risk it this Christmas.  She said: “The new lower drink drive limit for the whole of Scotland comes into force on Friday 5 December so we’re working with Road Safety Scotland to make sure the message gets out to everyone.  

“One death as a result of drink driving is one death too many.  Alcohol at any level impairs driving so the best approach is to have no alcohol at all if you’re intending to get behind the wheel. We want anyone going out to think about how they’re going to get home, before they head out and to also remember to consider any journeys they make the morning after.  

To find out more visit the Road Safety Scotland Facebook page, visiting or following @RoadSafetyScot on Twitter.


24 Nov 2014
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