Inverness East District Partnership to focus on health and play


Health and access to play will feature prominently on the agenda for the Inverness East District Partnership public meeting this week at Inverness Town House on Friday 28 November from 10 am to 12 noon. 

An eagerly anticipated item on the District Health Profile is being presented by Paddy Luo-Hopkins from NHS Highland, while John Taylor from Highland Council is introducing the discussion on Access to Play.

Other items of interest include an update from Area Children’s Service Manager Mairi Morrison on progress made in implementing Family Teams in the District.

Gavin Sell from NHS Highland will present two items; an update on work towards developing a Dementia Friendly community; and also providing information on Residential Care Homes.

The Partnership of Highland Council and NHS Highland Health Board meets quarterly and covers both integrated children’s and adult’s services in the Inverness East District. 

Details of the agenda are available on the Council’s website along with the action note from the last meeting is here.

26 Nov 2014