East Ross District Partnership to host networking event

The next meeting of East Ross District Partnership will be a networking event running from 10am to 12noon on Friday 5th December at Invergordon Academy. It will be a celebratory event to showcase all that is great about services and opportunities across East Ross and will cover the areas of Health and Social Care, Education, Sport and Leisure. As well as sharing good practice, stimulating conversations and creating networking opportunities, the event, which will be very interactive, is aiming to attract a good turnout of members of the public, service providers, community members, elected Members and practitioners.

District Partnerships were established throughout Highland two years ago to consider and respond to issues around Integrated Children’s Services and Adult Services. They are intended to be action focussed and provide a clear two-way link between strategic direction and local solutions. The Partnership is also very keen to hear what partners and the communities want from it and is encouraging them to be involved in its plans for the next year, including identifying issues that require to be addressed. 

Alasdair Lawton, a member of NHS Highland Board, who will be chairing the East Ross District Partnership in Invergordon on Friday said: “We are really keen to ensure that the District Partnership develops good contacts with communities and service providers. It is essential that the Partnership understands the priorities of communities and also gets to grips with how it can support service providers including those in the Voluntary Sector to meet those needs.  

“We really hope that this event will galvanise interest in the Partnership and ensure that local people understand both how it works and how they can get their issues discussed and resolved by the District Partnership. I’m looking forward to the event and the opportunity to meet people and hear what they have to say.”


1 Dec 2014
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