Highland Council welcomes a reported reduction in crime of 20% in Highland

The Highland Council welcomes a reported reduction in Class 1-4 crimes of 20.2% in the Highland area. Significantly, there has been a 29% reduction in violent crime, a 28% reduction in sexual crimes and a 19% reduction in crimes of dishonesty over the year to date.

Members welcomed the report by Chief Superintendent Julian Innes, Divisional Commander for Highland and Islands Division, who said: “Chief Superintendent Julian Innes, Divisional commander said, "The reductions in violent crime and crime in general is encouraging. This equates to 788 fewer victims of crime this year, a figure I'm sure we all welcome.

“Although these figures reflect the hard work of our officers and staff, there is no doubt that partnership working has played a significant part in what is being achieved in our communities.

“New initiatives like the multi-agency Inverness Response Team which focuses on tackling anti-social behaviour and the work of the Safer Highland Group are making significant progress in keeping our communities safe.

“There's no room for complacency though and we remain committed to continue working alongside our partners and with our communities to build on the positive results."

Deputy Leader of Highland Council, David Alston welcomed the report. He said, “A reduction in crime is a very good news story for people in the Highlands. This is a very safe place to live and it is important that people feel safe in their homes and going about their daily lives.”

Highland Council works closely with Police Scotland and other partners across a range of initiatives to reduce crime, including pro-active work to tackle doorstep crime, reduce anti-social behaviour and hate crime, and raise awareness around alcohol and drug related issues.


3 Dec 2014
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