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blue bin contamination

Clean, dry and loose, that’s the simple message that The Highland Council is delivering to householders where it has been experiencing contamination issues with the blue recycling bins. Feedback from the MRF (Materials Recycling Facility) where the mixed recyclables are taken for separation is there are just too many plastic bags as well as bagged waste in the blue bins which makes it very difficult to process. 

Collection crews are unable to empty  bins with contamination and will put ‘No Bags’ stickers on blue recycling bins  reminding residents that paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, food tins and drink cans should be put in loose.  If you do get a sticker on your bin please remove the items that cannot be recycled in the blue bin and put it out again for your next collection. Householders are also reminded that glass is NOT accepted in the blue bins; glass bottles and jars should be taken to your nearest Recycling Point.

Chairman of The Highland Council Community Services Committee, Councillor Graham MacKenzie said: “If there is too much contamination in the loads arriving at the MRF where the recyclables are separated, there is a risk of whole loads being rejected.  We obviously want to avoid this at all costs so we do ask that householders follow the instructions for using the bins.”

He added: “Residents in Highland are currently recycling 45% of their waste which is excellent and we are seeing a steady rise each year so please carry on the good work but please remember we only want clean, dry and loose paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, drink cans and food tins in the blue bins.” 

The Council’s website has a video about contamination which householders may find helpful in understanding the issues. To view the video and for further information about recycling in the Highlands go to the Rubbish and recycling section of The Highland Council’s website: email or call 01349 886603. Downloadable refuse and recycling collection calendars are also available.


8 Dec 2014
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