Highland Council winter road condition and school closure report for 12 December 2014

Highland Council Gritter in action
Library photo: Highland Council Gritter in action


The Highland Council’s snow clearing / gritting route policies and area maps for 2014/15 are online at www.highland.gov.uk/gritting. School closures can be found at www.highland.gov.uk/schoolclosures.

Highland has the longest road network of any council in Scotland and it is not possible to treat every road at the same time. A priority system is applied to treat the areas in greatest need first.

Trunk roads are gritted by BEAR Scotland (North West) for Transport Scotland.

Road condition and gritting treatment reports by The Highland Council’s Community Services for the morning of Friday, 12 December 2014 are as follows:


Widespread icy conditions, all gritters out, blading 4" snow cover off high roads to south of area. Posted: 12/12/2014 10:12


A mixture of ice and snow across the area. Up to 65mm of snow on higher routes. Most primary routes treated and continuing to work secondary routes and some of the glen roads. Posted: 12/12/2014 09:39

Skye and Lochalsh

Widespread ice this morning as a result of intermittent heavy showers. All primary routes treated with ongoing treatment by priority. Anticipate that main priority routes may have to be patrolled for most of the morning due to ongoing showers. Posted: 12/12/2014 09:24

Caithness and North Sutherland

Widespread hoar frost and black ice, with up to 5" snow in central Sutherland. Lot of showers of heavy rain (snow on higher routes) falling onto cold surfaces lots of icy stretches. Main routes treated, patrols ongoing. Posted: 12/12/2014 08:53

Mid and West Ross Report

Black ice and frosty in the east of the area with light snow on the higher routes. Wintry showers and frost affecting routes in the west of the area with up to 3” of snow on the higher routes. All routes and footways being treated in priority order. Posted: 12/12/2014 08:04

South Sutherland and East Ross 

Very icy conditions reported. 2" of snow on the higher roads. All routes patrolled and treated in accordance with policy. Posted: 12/12/2014 07:59


Widespread frost and ice, treating routes by priority. Posted: 12/12/2014 07:58

Badenoch and Strathspey

B9007 Ferness road closed due to drifting snow.

Fresh covering of snow in some areas 1-2cm, Temp -3, hard packed snow, frozen slush on most routes. Treatment ongoing from 06.00. Posted: 12/12/2014 06:38

Maps of the Council’s gritting routes by priority and policy are available online for: Badenoch and Strathspey; Caithness and North Sutherland; Inverness; Lochaber; Nairn; Skye and Lochalsh; South Sutherland and East Ross; and Wester Ross and Black Isle.

The information provided is a summary of reports from operational staff and is intended to give a general indication of typical conditions in each area at a point in time.  It is not intended to imply that any individual route is entirely snow and ice free and drivers must be aware that conditions can change rapidly and make their own assessment of conditions for travelling.

As at 10.06am today Friday 12 December 14 Highland Council schools and nurseries are closed affecting some 1,020 pupils. The following schools are closed:

  • Alvie Primary -  Closed (bad weather)
  • Aviemore Primary -  Closed (bad weather)
  • Kiltearn Primary -  Closed (no water/heating/power)
  • Kiltearn Primary Nursery -  Closed (no water/heating/power)
  • Kingussie High -  Closed (bad weather)
  • Kingussie Primary -  Closed (bad weather)
  • Kingussie Primary Nursery -  Closed (bad weather)
  • St Bride's Primary -  Closed (no water/heating/power)
  • St Bride's Primary Nursery -  Closed (no water/heating/power)
12 Dec 2014
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