Inverness West District Partnership to focus on support for carers

Support for carers, both children and adults, will feature prominently on the agenda for the Inverness West District Partnership public meeting at Inverness Town House on Friday 19 December from 10 am to 12 noon. 

Agencies such as Connecting Carers and Alzheimer Scotland will be present to discuss this important aspect of care provision for people in their own homes.

Adam Palmer, Co-Chairperson of the Partnership said, “Informal care provided by relatives and friends is a crucial support for many people. The support they in turn receive, for example, both from voluntary organisations and from statutory services, helps them maintain their own health and wellbeing, and assists them in their caring role.”

Councillor Margaret Davidson, also Co-Chairperson, agreed saying, “It is important we ensure carers are not forgotten and we get the right help and support to them when they need it.”

Other items of interest on the agenda include an update from the Resource Manager on progress made with providing Early Years services in the District.

Amanda Trafford and Mike Perera from NHS Highland will present two items: the role of Allied Health Professionals in providing services across the District; and Mental Health Services for older people.

The Partnership of Highland Council and NHS Highland Health Board meets quarterly and covers both integrated children’s and adult’s services in the Inverness West District. 


15 Dec 2014
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