Out with the old, in with the new ….but Remember to Recycle!

"Out with the old, in with the new" is an expression frequently heard over the Festive Season and this year The Highland Council’s Waste Awareness Team are urging us all to make sure we don’t just throw away the old but remember to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible.

Remember to use your blue bin for all paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, food tins and drink cans (no glass or plastic bags – everything should be loose, dry and clean). And with all the festivities, don’t forget to recycle all those glass bottles, and jars, at your local Recycling Point or Centre.

Whether you are having a Pre-Christmas Clear-Out or New Year Clean Sweep, don’t forget that most things can be recycled. A lot of people will receive gifts of new clothing, household goods and electricals at Christmas, replacing, in many cases, perfectly serviceable items. Charity shops always welcome good quality clothing and household items, although check first if they can accept electricals. Small ads in newspapers, shop noticeboards and reuse websites, such as Gumtree and Freecycle, are excellent ways to find new homes for such items; try also community organisations such as New Start Highland, HomeAid Caithness and Blythswood.

Clothes, shoes and handbags can also be taken to textile banks at Recycling Points and Centres. You should not dispose of any electrical items (including old phone chargers and batteries) in your refuse bin – they often contain harmful heavy metals. Nearly all The Highland Council Recycling Centres now accept all small electrical goods, anything that has a plug or runs on batteries can be taken here - from a watch to a vacuum cleaner. 

Recycling Centres are open throughout the Christmas period except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and 1st, 2nd January. Check The Highland Council website: www.highland.gov.uk/recycle for full details of Recycling Centre opening hours and for the full range of material accepted.

Wasting food is a massive problem particularly at Christmas.  Cooking once and eating twice saves energy, time and money and ensures that we always have a hearty meal at our fingertips. Visit lovefoodhatewaste.com for money saving tips this Christmas.

During the winter months, adverse weather conditions may mean some bin collections are missed.  If this happens please leave your bin out and we will collect it as soon as possible.  Please clear snow off your bin to help with the collections.

For further information about your refuse and recycling collections over the Christmas period please click here or email recycle@highland.gov.uk or call 01349 886603.

15 Dec 2014
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