Budget proposals seek to protect hundreds of council jobs

The budget proposals being taken forward by the Administration of Highland Council, aim to protect hundreds of council jobs from being cut.

The full package of proposals put to the public during the budget consultation estimated a loss of 800-1000 posts as the Council adjusts to the £64 million challenge in its budget over the next four years.

Following the consultation and examining the full impact of every proposal, the Administration  has selected a package of proposals which is focussed on protecting jobs through restructuring and increasing efficiency using better technology.  The proposals do mean that the council will have to do things differently and impact on council posts with these proposals is estimated at around 314 full time equivalent (FTE). The Council is committed to avoiding compulsory redundancies therefore there is a determination to manage these by natural staff turn-over, retirals and vacancy control.

Budget Leader Maxine Smith said: “The scale of savings we need to achieve is immense. However, we are determined to deliver vital services whilst retaining vital jobs. The proposals we are presenting on Thursday will of course have some impact, but we have managed to do this whilst protecting hundreds of jobs.”

Leader of the Council, Drew Hendry said: “We have listened very carefully to what people are saying and, as a result of our most comprehensive consultation, have taken these views on board, as well as considering the overall impact on the economy of the Highlands, prior to making any decisions.

“Whilst we have a legal obligation to deliver a balanced budget over the coming years we have done that with the feedback from the public and we are grateful for their help in formulating proposals which seek to protect jobs and maintain quality services.”

16 Dec 2014
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