Mallaig Primary School closed


Mallaig Primary school will be closed tomorrow on the last day of term (Friday 19 December 2014) for the health and safety of pupils and staff due to a structural anomaly within the chimney area. 

Parents and carers are advised to check the council’s school closures website  and the school closures phone line on 0800 564 2272 PIN number 04 2560 for further information in the New Year when Highland schools go back on Monday 5 January 2015.

The Council has arranged for an inspection and any necessary works to be carried out the make the building safe. Scaffolding will be erected tomorrow (19 December) and inspection works carried out on Monday 22 December.

It is not yet known what works will be required, however the matter will be addressed during the school holiday break.

Pupils were evacuated from the school at 2pm today to the nearby Church Hall. Some 93 pupils attend Mallaig Primary and Nursery schools.  

18 Dec 2014