Council to be presented with West Link Road report

A report on the Inverness West Link Road project costs will be presented to Councillors on 12 March 2015 during a meeting of The Highland Council.  

The Highland Council’s Director of Finance, Derek Yule said:  “We can confirm that the report on the project, including information about the costs, will be discussed by Councillors during The Highland Council meeting in March. In the meantime I can confirm that the costs for the West Link project are in line with previously reported figures with an allowance for construction inflation.”  

The figure for the West Link Road project reported to members of The Highland Council in September last year was £34.398m at July 2013 prices.  

Following the decision on the Council’s budget last week further work is being done to review the Council’s Capital Plan.  

Leader of The Highland Council, Councillor Drew Hendry added: “There have been questions on costs raised so to make clear what the situation with the West Link Road project is I’ve asked for this press release to be issued today to clarify the situation in advance of members discussing the report next year.  I’m pleased with this confirmation from the Director of Finance that costs are in line with what was previously reported as I believe the benefits for Inverness from the completion of the road are immense, both in terms of freeing the city centre of congestion and allowing the growth of neighbourhoods at Ness-side, Torvean and Charleston.”  

Providing enhanced sports facilities for the city of Inverness is a separate project to the West Link Road so at the meeting in March members will also receive an update on how these plans are progressing.

23 Dec 2014