Back to school in New Year with free school meals

 The Highland Council is advising all parents and carers of Primary 1 to 3 children in the Highland area that they will be entitled to receive free school meals from Monday 5 January 2015.  

Councillor Alasdair Christie, Chair of the Education, Children and Adult Services Committee said: “Primary 1 to 3 Free School Meals is a Scottish government funded initiative. All our Primary schools have been awarded the Bronze Food for Life Catering Mark from the Soil Association for offering delicious, healthy and climate-friendly menus. I would urge everyone that is entitled to take up this offer to ensure that their children eat a healthy balanced meal each school day.”  

The free school meal is optional. Primary 1 to 3 children are only entitled to a school meal at lunch time. Parents and carers need to provide pupils with money for any other service provision in school such as morning break or breakfast. There is no application process involved. For pupils with medically confirmed special diets, applications need to be completed and returned to the Head Teacher.  

If a school does not provide a meal service and a child is in Primary 1 to 3 the parent or carer will be entitled to re-imbursement. This will be based on the economic daily rate for every day that the child has been in attendance at school. It will be claimed on the parent and carer’s behalf by the school then payment will be made directly to them. Only the parents and carers of children who attend a school with no meal provision are entitled to reimbursement.  

Parents and carers of children in Primary 4 to 7, if entitled, still need to apply for Free School Meals following the usual process.  

Where applicable, parents and carers of Primary 1 to 3 children still need to apply for clothing grants.  

Further information on school meals and menus are on the council’s website at:


24 Dec 2014