Review of school merger proposals in Skye


Members of the public are reminded that they have until Wednesday 14 January to submit comments to The Highland Council on its Final Consultation Report into the proposal to build a new community school in Dunvegan, to replace 4 current primary schools in Skye, Dunvegan Primary, Edinbane Primary, Knockbreck Primary and Struan Primary.

The original consultation on the proposal ran from 23 May to 11 July 2014 and attracted a wide range of responses from parents, pupils and local residents.

The Final Consultation Report is due to be submitted to the Education, Children and Adult Services Committee on 14 January 2015.

Members of the public were invited on 9 December 2014 to provide comments which will be tabled at the Education, Children and Adult Services Committee meeting on 14 January 2015. This will allow elected Members to take into account any further representations in relation to the recommendations contained within the Consultation Report before agreeing a decision.

The Final Report and associated papers can be found on the Council’s website.

Paper copies are also available for inspection at each of the 4 schools and at the Portree Library.

6 Jan 2015
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