Council plans for re-opening Mallaig Primary School


The Highland Council is still hoping Mallaig Primary will reopen on Monday 12 January 2015, however, due to the adverse weather, the works have been held up.

Should the school building remain closed on Monday, parents and carers are advised that Nursery children should go to Arisaig Primary and Primary pupils should report to Mallaig High School at 9am.

Due to ongoing unsuitable weather conditions it has been challenging to get scaffolding in place to assess and complete works on the chimney. The works being carried out involve reducing the size of the chimney to make it safe.

Parents and carers are advised to check the council’s school closures website  after 7am on Monday 12 January and the school closures phone line on 0800 564 2272 using the PIN number 04 2560 for further information updates.

The school was closed on Friday 19 December 2014 - which was the last day of term before the holidays - for the health and safety of pupils and staff.

9 Jan 2015
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