Update on Caithness General Hospital for District Partnership Meeting


The next Caithness District Partnership meets on Friday 30 January in Thurso and issues to be discussed will include updates on Caithness General Hospital and the Children’s Care Partnership.  

The Highland Council’s Director of Care and Learning, Bill Alexander, will also deliver a presentation on District Partnerships, Community Development and Community Planning and the NHS Director of Adult Social Care, Joanna Macdonald, along with Deborah Jones, the NHS Chief Operating Officer, will provide an update on Adult Social Care initiatives.  

The Partnership meeting takes place at 10.00 am in Naver House, Naver Road, Thurso. Members of the public are more than welcome to observe the meeting and will be invited by the Partnership Chair, Councillor Bill Fernie, to comment on the items discussed at the end of each section of the agenda. 

Dates for the next three Caithness District Partnership meetings in 2015 are 27 March; 26 June and 30 October.

13 Jan 2015
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