All trunk roads being treated in North West and North East Scotland


Issued by BEAR Scotland

BEAR Scotland is actively dealing with heavy snow showers which have affected all trunk roads across the North West and North East of Scotland today, with further snow expected in some areas overnight and into tomorrow.

A spokesperson for BEAR Scotland said: “Last night all routes were treated and patrolled by teams throughout the night, and today up to 80 spreaders with snow ploughs have been deployed from depots throughout the North West and North East to treat and monitor all trunk road routes. Our specially trained winter team will work around the clock during this challenging period supported by our 24 hour control room, which monitors road conditions via weather stations and cameras. This means that resources are deployed where they are most needed.” 

Snow showers are anticipated to continue into Thursday 15th January, when high winds are also forecast. A Met Office amber ‘be prepared’ alert for snow was issued for Central and South Scotland, and remains active until 10.00am Wednesday 14th January – this includes the southern sections of the trunk roads networks BEAR is responsible for in the north of Scotland.  This follows the yellow ‘be aware’ alert that was put in place on Monday afternoon across Scotland, valid until Wednesday afternoon.

BEAR Scotland’s winter team will continue to undertake precautionary treatments of the roads as well as patrolling and treating as conditions dictate.

In winter weather it is advised to only travel when necessary and allow more time for your journey.  When driving slow down and leave increased space between you and the vehicle in front, and listen to local and national radio for travel and weather information before you travel.

Real time traffic information is available at:

For information about driving in winter conditions visit:


13 Jan 2015
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