Update on B9163 Newhall Bridge Road Closure

Newhall Bridge on the B9163 Findon-Cromarty road was badly damaged by a falling tree during the storm last Friday (9th January 2015).  The bridge has been closed to vehicular traffic but remains open for pedestrians.

The B9163 runs along the north side of the Black Isle, linking the A9 to Cromarty and other communities including Cullicudden, Resolis, Balblair and Jemimaville.  Newhall Bridge is close to Balblair and its’ closure severs the main link between these communities.  

Newhall Bridge

Damage to Newhall Bridge

The Council’s structural engineers have advised that the bridge is beyond economic repair and will need to be replaced.  Due to the length of time it will take to construct a permanent replacement bridge, the area roads team are making plans to install a temporary bridge on the line of the existing, damaged bridge.  Subject to technical approval, we anticipate it may take between 2 to 3 weeks before this temporary bridge will be in place.  

Alternative routes are available as follows:  

  • For access to Cromarty and Jemimaville from the north, via the A9/A832 through Tore roundabout and Fortrose

  • For access to Balblair, Resolis, Cullicudden and surrounding area from the south of the Black Isle, either via the A832/A9/B9163  or via local roads through Killen and Mount Eagle  

Signs are now in place to direct drivers along the local road diversion through Killen and Mount Eagle. Drivers are asked to use this public road diversion rather than attempting to use private farm tracks close to the damaged bridge, as these are unsuitable for use by the general public.  

The closure of the road is having an impact on school transport for Resolis Primary and Fortrose Academy.  Temporary alternative arrangements are in place and both schools are keeping in contact with parents regarding these.  

During the period while the bridge is closed, additional gritting will be provided on the local road through Killen and Mount Eagle.  



15 Jan 2015
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