Pick it Up – Even In The Dark!

dog fouling poster

Grab It, Bag It, Bin It – Even in The Dark!’ that is the latest message to dog owners from The Highland Council. Following on from the autumn ‘Ditch the Dirt’ campaign, in which dog walkers were urged to remember to grab a dog poo bag before heading out the door, owners are being reminded that at this time of year they also need to take a flashlight so they can see to pick up.

Anyone allowing their dog to foul and not immediately picking it up is liable for a £40 fixed penalty fine, rising to £60 if not paid within 28 days. After this period a conviction and fine of up to £500 may be imposed.The Highland Council has produced an eye-grabbing new poster to highlight this latest campaign.

Speaking on behalf of The Highland Council, Vice Chair of the Community Services Committee, Councillor Bet McAllister said: “At this time of year a lot of dog walking takes place during the hours of darkness and we need to get across the message that it is not a question of ‘out of sight, out of mind!’

“The risk of people treading in dog poo is even greater in the dark so dog walkers need to be extra vigilant.  Dog excrement is not only unpleasant but also a dangerous health hazard which can cause blindness.  ”

She went on to add; “Not having seen your dog foul is no excuse and owners should keep their dogs in sight at all times whilst in public open spaces. A luminous dog collar or vest is an added precaution but you should also carry a torch so that you can see to pick up after your dog.”

Members of the public who wish to report instances of dogs being allowed to foul in public places can contact The Council by calling 01349 886603 or emailing recycle@highland.gov.uk

For further information visit www.highland.gov.uk/recycle and www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org

copy of poster

3 Feb 2015
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