Corran Ferry fare increase deferred

THE Community Services Committee has agreed a motion to defer an increase in the Corran Ferry fares to allow further work on cost implications, options for alternative fixed crossings and to take independent legal advice on State Aid and Equality implications.

The fare increases were proposed, taking into account predicted costs over the next 3 years, to work towards a break even position in 2017-18, thereby reducing the risk that State Aid may be considered to exist.

The proposed fare increase of 4% per annum in April 2015 would mean an increase of 30p per journey for car fares and an increase of just 8p per journey for those who buy the discounted book of tickets. Pedal cycles and registered disable drivers would remain free.

Chair of the Community Services Committee, Cllr Graham Mackenzie said: “If the service was transferred to Transport Scotland under Road Equivalent Tariff (RET), the fare increases would be significantly higher than the relatively small increase we are proposing.  A fare increase is therefore the best option for the communities who use the ferry.

“The advice we have consistently received from Transport Scotland is that State Aid rules are a consideration for the Council. The Council, therefore has a duty to seek to reduce the deficit.”


5 Feb 2015
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