Performance at Dornoch and Golspie schools praised

During reports at yesterday’s Caithness and Sutherland Area Committee on both Dornoch Academy and Golspie High School, Councillors praised pupils and staff for their high attainment and achievement.  

Both secondary schools are outperforming other schools in Highland and across Scotland when it comes to pupils leaving to take up employment or to move into further education.  

At Dornoch Academy the percentage of pupils leaving school to positive destinations has risen from 89.6% in 2011/12 to 97.7% in 2013/14.  At Golspie High School the figures have risen from 82.8% in 2011/12 to 96.4% in 2013/14.  The percentage for schools across Scotland is 92.3%.  

At Golspie High School 44.6% of pupils in 13/14 went on to higher education compared to 25.9% in 11/12 and 30.4% went from school straight into employment compared to 22.4 % in 11/12. In Dornoch the figures were also about the Highland and Scottish averages with 34.9% finding employment compared to 18.8% in 2011/12 and 41.9% moving to higher education compared with the Scottish average of 38.6%/

Councillor Graham Phillips said:  “The number of school leavers going on to what we call positive destinations at both Dornoch and Golspie is a good news story. The statistics are well above the Highland and Scottish figures.  This is a testament of the hard work of staff and pupils and all should be congratulated.”  

Chair of the Area Committee, Councillor Deirdre MacKay was particularly struck with the turnaround at Golspie High School and took the opportunity at the meeting to highlight the excellent work of the teaching staff, pupils and the support of the wider community at both schools.  She said: “Both Dornoch and Golspie are performing very well and I was particularly impressed to see the high number of pupils taking up places at further education.  Everyone is very upbeat and we all want to see the good work at these schools continuing.”  

During the meeting Councillors were advised that a separate report using new national performance data will be provided to Members when it is available.  This report will cover all Caithness and Sutherland associated school groups in a single report and will enable the committee to assess performance across schools and also with comparator schools elsewhere.


11 Feb 2015
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