Bank Street, Inverness, to close to through-traffic

Motorists are being advised that from Tuesday 24th February until Tuesday 19th May, Bank Street will re-close to through-traffic from Fraser Street to Friars Street.

Drivers are reminded that access to Fraser Street is for buses, taxis, emergency vehicles, refuse and those requiring access only.

Bank Street was opened to traffic over the Christmas and New Year period to accommodate the busier seasonal months during the River Ness Flood Scheme works.

In order to further progress the flood alleviation works it is necessary to re-close Bank Street to through-traffic so that drainage, wall, streetscaping and resurfacing works can continue.

As always, businesses remain open as usual and pedestrian diversions will be clearly identified.  Bank Street will re-open to through-traffic on Tuesday 19th May.


11 Feb 2015
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