MV Lysblink Seaways Aground at Kilchoan

The Highland Council is working with partners in the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency, Police Scotland, SEPA and other agencies to minimise any risk to the environment following the grounding of a vessel at Kilchoan off the Ardnamurchan peninsula.  

The Highland Council is deploying pollution protection equipment and other resources to the location, should this be required.   

Leader of the Council, Cllr Drew Hendry said: “We are continuing to assess the situation and together with partners, will do everything in our power to minimise any risk to the environment.  At this stage, however, the risk of pollution is understood to be very low.”  

He went on to say; “The circumstances of this incident are not yet known, however, I think this highlights the serious risks around our coastal waters. This clearly underlines the need to put in place adequate safety measures to respond to any incidents along our western coastal waters. I will be raising this with the UK Government next week at a meeting to discuss the need for reinstating emergency towing vessels in the west.”


18 Feb 2015
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