MV Lysblink Seaways


THE Highland Council is continuing to liaise with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and other agencies with regard to the status of the LYSBLINK SEAWAYS, which is currently at anchor 600 metres off Kilchoan.  

Work is underway to assess damage so that oil can safely be removed from the damaged tanks.  There are no plans to move the casualty from this position until it is deemed safe and environmentally sound to do so.   

Council staff were quickly on scene, early Wednesday evening, with pollution prevention equipment, which was used to prevent any spread of a small leak of marine diesel oil.  

Our environmental officers have been participating in the Environmental Group of agencies set up to minimise any environmental damage. The Council will check counter pollution arrangements to ensure that sufficient measures are in place during the salvage operation over the coming days.  

We have received assurances from the Food Standards Agency and Marine Scotland that any risk to human health from consumption of local shellfish is negligible.  

The Council will continue to monitor the situation until the vessel has been safely removed.

20 Feb 2015
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