‘It’s a wrap’ for Inverness Town House repairs

Inverness town house works phases
LDN Architects - consultant to The Highland Council.


Work starts this week on the first phase of a three phase £4.2 million three year project to maintain the structure and public safety of the historic category A-listed Inverness Town House building.

The project is being managed by The Highland Council’s Project Management Section in the Development and Infrastructure Service with LDN Architects - consultant to The Highland Council.

Laing Traditional Masonry (LTM) who previously worked on the Inverness Steeple project in 2012/13 have been awarded a £1.2million contract for the first phase of works including: stone repairs and replacement, mortar re-pointing, roof repairs, rainwater goods (guttering and downpipes) renewal, and window repairs and replacements.

Scaffolding will be erected on the west and front sides of the Town House on Castle Wynd and High Street to enable access to the exterior of the building and for public safety during the renovations. As the scaffolding will be present on the front exterior of the Town House for two years, the council - recognising the visual impact that this will have on the city centre location - has specified the need for a specialist building wrap to be installed on the scaffolding which will depict a full-sized image of the front of the Town House. Ground level hoardings will also be installed depicting images of the history of the Town House.

Leader of the City of Inverness Area, Councillor Ian Brown said: “These essential works will help to safeguard the future of the Town House for generations to come and will secure an Inverness Common Good Fund major asset. I am also delighted that Laing Traditional Masonry will be employing 3-4 apprentices on this project that will help to ensure that traditional skills are passed on to future generations.”

The project is being funded by the Inverness Common Good Fund and Historic Scotland.

For more information on Inverness Town House visit http://her.highland.gov.uk/; read the Guide to Inverness Town House; or take a virtual tour of the Town House at http://www.ambaile.org.uk/.

25 Feb 2015
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