Members agree to nominate 6 Digital Champions as part of Digital First Programme

Six Digital Champions are to be nominated to assist with promoting the Digital First Programme and the availability of online services.

Digital First Programme aims to greatly increase access to online services, enabling at least 40% of transactions to be carried out online by April 2017. The programme will also deliver £1.3 million in savings over four years.

Members of the Resources Committee also agreed the following six principles which will underpin the work of the programme:

·        All customers will have access to Highland Council’s services;

·        All new and redesigned processes and services will be delivered digitally with telephone, face to face and paper options to help customers who require support;

·        Design of online processes and systems focuses on the customer needs and experience;

·        Email/SMS will be used to  communicate with customers whenever possible;

·        Services will nominate Digital Champions to promote Digital First and highlight opportunities for digital communication;

·        Highland Council will work in partnership with other agencies to support customers who find digital engagement challenging.

Chair of The Resources Committee, Cllr Maxine Smith said: “These principles are fundamental to delivering modern accessible services, which also support people who are more comfortable in face to face interactions.  There will still be a need for the latter, but more and more people are starting to want to engage using either their mobile phones or social media”



26 Feb 2015