Artistic expression flows from Inverness pupils on River Ness flood project

Pupils from four Inverness schools have been working with artists and contractors to decorate temporary hoardings that are in place on the banks of the River Ness.

The temporary hoardings are located at a Merkinch playpark on Anderson Green and are in place during The Highland Council’s ongoing River Ness flood alleviation works.

Chairman of The Highland Council’s Inverness City Arts Working Group Councillor Ken Gowans said: “This is great way to enable local children to get involved in a creative learning project that is helping them to have highly visual fun learning experience on their own doorsteps. The project compliments earlier community involvement between Arts in Merkinch and the contractors working on the River Ness scheme.”

Highland artists DUFI (Fin Macrae and Al McInnes) have been commissioned by the Council’s Inverness City Arts Working Group to work with Bishop Eden, St Joseph’s, and Merkinch Primaries and Inverness High School.

The commission is to create designs originated by local pupils that will be transposed onto the street hoardings at Merkinch.  Weather depending, pupils are joining the artists to paint their designs onto the boards. Each school has already drafted their designs but the exciting part of the project is to transfer their work to the hoardings.

Contractors, Mclaughlin and Harvey, have prepared the hoardings and Fin Macrae and Al McInnes have held workshops in the schools to create the designs.

3 Mar 2015
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