Corran Ferry recommendations agreed by Council

The Council has agreed recommendations which include an increase in the Corran Ferry fares by 2% from April 2015. This involves an increase of 15p per journey for car fares and an increase of just 4p per journey for those who buy the discounted book of tickets. Pedal cycles and registered disabled drivers will remain free.

The fare increases have been proposed, taking into account predicted costs over the next 3 years, to help the Service work towards a break even position going forward. This would thereby reduce the risk that State Aid may be considered to exist.

Chair of the Community Services Committee, Cllr Graham Mackenzie said: “The Council has a duty to seek to reduce the deficit in the running costs of the ferry service. The recommendations were developed in discussion with representation from local members and community representatives who recognise the need to provide this service on an efficient and cost effective basis.

He went on to say: “We will continue to involve the community and local members by consulting on alternative ways to reduce costs and we will look at longer term plans exploring opportunities for savings and efficiencies.”

Leader of the Lochaber Area Committee, Cllr Thomas Maclennan added: “The community welcomed the opportunity to have more clarity on the situation and a solution which secures the future of the service.”

Recommendations agreed:

1. What specifically is the State Aid block to this crossing being subsidised.

2. Carry our full analysis of the financial costs

3. Community consultation on alternative ways to reduce costs

4. Robust business plan focusing on savings and efficiencies and on potential of renewable energy in a fixed crossing in the longer term

5. Complete an Equalities Impact Assessment

6. Agree 2% p/a increase in fares  from 1 April

7. The transfer of the operation of the service to Transport Scotland is given no further consideration

8. A report will be brought back to Community Services Committee in 2016 detailing outcomes and recommending fares for 2016/17.

12 Mar 2015
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