School capping and reserved places for 2015-16


The Highland Council will be writing to parents who have made placing requests for three primary schools, stating that rolls will be capped for the forthcoming school year. The schools affected are Inshes Primary, Cradlehall Primary and Lochardil Primary in Inverness.

The capping takes account of applications that been received so far, and the known demands within the catchment areas of each of these schools.

The authority will do its best to accommodate all pupils in their preferred choice of school. Priority will be given to children in the catchment area, and then to siblings of pupils already in each school. The Council will also seek to take account of any extraordinary personal circumstances.

The Council is developing a long term strategy to address the issues that exist around primary school capacities in the Inverness area, given the significant increase in the number of young families in parts of the city.

Jim Steven, Highland Council’s Head of Education said:It is important that we give first priority when enrolling children in schools, to those who live in the catchment area. It is also preferable that siblings should be kept together where possible. We will work with parents to provide appropriate provision, in other cases.”

12 Mar 2015
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