Council consulting on its Onshore Wind Energy Guidance

Members of the public are being invited to take part in a consultation on the Council’s Onshore Wind Energy Supplementary Guidance which, when approved, will be used in the consideration of planning applications for wind energy developments in the Highlands.

New national planning policies published in June 2014 changed how Councils are required to plan for Onshore Wind Energy development and Highland Council are therefore in the process of reviewing their planning policies and guidance.

An initial consultation about what issues should be considered ran from November 2014 – January 2015. This next stage in preparing the Supplementary Guidance is to consult on the Main Issues for the review of the Council’s existing onshore wind energy guidance.

Chair of the Council’s Planning, Development and Infrastructure Committee, Councillor Thomas Prag said: “Wind farms are increasingly controversial and we need to be clear about how we respond to applications in our part of the world.   

“This is an important stage because changes to national planning policy mean the way we are required to plan for wind energy has changed. A Consultation Paper has been published that sets out 11 main issues that we are inviting comments on. It is important to share your views on these issues because they will help us to shape the draft Supplementary Guidance.”  

The consultation will run from today (Monday 16 March) until Monday 11 May. The comments received on the Consultation Paper will then be used to help the Council prepare full draft Supplementary Guidance that will be presented to the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Committee in August this year for consideration and subsequent consultation.  

People can take part now by viewing the Consultation Paper at and submitting comments using the online form. Anyone without access to the website can request a paper copy by contacting the Council’s Development Plans Team at or writing to: Development Plans Team, Development and Infrastructure Service, Glenurquhart Road, Inverness IV3 5NX. They can also telephone the Council’s Service Centre on 01349 886608.

16 Mar 2015
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