Inverness city centre open for business

Inverness traffic management plan
Inverness traffic management plan


“It’s business as usual for the majority” is the message that multi-agency partners are conveying to the local community and visitors to Inverness following the fire on Academy Street last week. Businesses unaffected by the fire are open and trading as normal.

Parking was temporarily free at Highland Council's Rose Street car park over the weekend and starting tomorrow (21 April) a flat fee of 20p for the first two hours will be introduced at the city centre multi-storey car park for the next few weeks. Fees have been reduced to continue to encourage access to Inverness Old Town and the city centre.

Pedestrian access will be reinstated along the west pavement on Academy Street and along the north pavement on Strothers Lane by mid-morning on Tuesday (21 April).

Some bus services will return to Union Street from Tuesday morning (21 April).

Police Scotland and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service are continuing their investigation into the cause of the fire and the Multi Agency Response Team, which includes representatives from Police Scotland, The Highland Council, Inverness BID, Stagecoach, Structural Engineers and other partners is continuing to meet.

Chairman of Inverness BID, Craig Duncan said: “Inverness BID and businesses in the city centre are very grateful for the work being undertaken by the Multi Agency Response Team and especially to The Highland Council for their lead taken on the response. We are confident that the plans that are being put in place will give us the best possible outcome.”

The priority is now to make safe the fire-damaged building which will involve erection of scaffolding starting next week - both on the exterior and interior of the façade - and removal of debris from the interior of the site. Academy Street from Union Street to Margaret’s Street will remain closed to all traffic until scaffolding erection and crane works are completed.

To enable these works to take place safely, the traffic management system that was introduced last week will remain in place for at least a further week. An updated version of the traffic management plan has been published showing a slight reduction in the safety zone area and pedestrian access being reinstated.

Drivers are asked to be aware of the restrictions and to heed the traffic management plans which are enforceable and not to impede the flow of traffic by unathorised parking and not to move traffic cones that are in place. Police and Traffic Wardens will be patrolling the city centre and in particular ask that motorists do not park or stop on Post Office Avenue as access is required at all times along this crucial route.

Multi-agency partners are continuing to work together to minimise disruption to businesses in the area and the local community where possible. Road works that were due to start on Millburn Road today (20 April) for Highlands and Islands Enterprise, to construct a bus gate to improve access to the Raigmore area have been delayed while the traffic impact of the fire is fully assessed.

The following traffic management plan remains in place:

If approaching the city centre on Millburn Road/Crown Road:

  • Signs are in place to instruct car drivers that there is no way through Academy Street.
  • Service buses, delivery vehicles, refuse collection vehicles and taxis are allowed and directed to enter Union Street, Church Street and turn left down Fraser Street onto Bank Street to turn left.
  • All other traffic if required, will be allowed to make a u-turn to drive back towards where they came from.

If approaching the city centre on Chapel Street:

  • Signs are in place to instruct car drivers that there is no way through Academy Street.
  • All traffic is directed to turn right from which they can access Friars Lane, turning left into Church Street, turn left into Post Office lane and then left into and down Academy Street.

These temporary restrictions are being monitored by traffic wardens and ALBA traffic Management. The Highland council will review this after further consultation with Police, Fire Services safety officers, Inverness BID and other partners.

The Multi-agency partners would like to thank the public and businesses for their patience and understanding during what is a very difficult situation.

For further information please see partner agency websites at:


20 Apr 2015
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