Your vote matters tomorrow

Issued on behalf of the Returning Officer for Highland

Voters in the three Highland constituencies for the UK Parliamentary General Election of: Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross; Ross, Skye and Lochaber; and Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey are being reminded by Returning Officer Steve Barron that their vote matters.

Tomorrow (Thursday 7 May) voting begins with 283 polling stations opening their doors at 7am and remaining open for voters until 10pm.

To mark your vote in the General Election simply mark a single X (cross) against your choice of candidate.

Voters in The Highland Council’s Nairn Ward 19 area are reminded that they will have two ballot papers – a white ballot paper for the UK Parliamentary General Election and yellow ballot paper for the Nairn by-election.

Voting in the Nairn by-election is by single transferrable vote and voters should make as many or as few choices out of the 5 candidates that they wish. Voters should make their mark by putting the number 1 in the voting box next to their first choice; number 2 in the voting box next to their second choice; and so on.

The General Election count will take place overnight on Thursday 7 May, starting as soon after 10pm as possible at the Highland Football Academy, Victoria Park, Dingwall.

Verification of the Nairn by-election ballot papers will take place overnight (7 May) at the Highland Football Academy in Dingwall and the count will take place on Friday 8 May at Nairn Community Centre from 2pm onwards.

Postal voters who have missed the post are reminded that they can hand both their General Election and by-election postal ballot papers in to any of the Highland polling stations up until 10pm tomorrow.

To check where you’re local polling station is visit the council’s website at Taking your poll card to the polling station helps, but don’t worry it if you forget it as you can still vote without it – just take yourself and vote.

Further information on the UK Parliamentary Election can be viewed at:; and the Nairn by-election at:

6 May 2015
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