Would you like to open your doors this year?

People with interesting buildings in The Highland Council area which are not normally open to the public are being invited to open them up for a day as part of the popular Highland Doors Open Days programme which will take place on weekends in September this year.

Doors Open Days is co-ordinated nationally by the Scottish Civic Trust.  It runs throughout Scotland every September as part of European Heritage Days, and aims to give people the chance to see inside some of the country’s most interesting buildings, many of which are not normally accessible to the general public.   Buildings featured can be old or new, and owned by public organisations, businesses, community groups or private individuals. The programme in the Highlands is co-ordinated by The Highland Council’s Development and Infrastructure Service.  For more information see www.doorsopendays.org.uk  and http://www.scottishcivictrust.org.uk/.

The list of buildings which took part in Highland Doors Open Days last year included historic churches, a privately-owned castle, a workshop specialising in manufacturing eco-houses, and state-of-the-art modern buildings such as the Highland Archive Centre.   

Some of the buildings which take part are only open to the public during Door Opens Days, whilst others use the event as a chance to let people “see behind the scenes” or enjoy specially-organised tours or events.  Admission to Doors Open Days venues must be free of charge but charges can be made for any optional tours, refreshments etc.  

Chair of The Highland Council’s Planning, Development and Infrastructure Committee, Councillor Thomas Prag said: “The Council recognises the value of the wide array of buildings, old and new, for the Highlands’ heritage, culture and architecture so we are really happy to support this annual event. It’s a great opportunity for the owners of interesting buildings – new or old, public or private, working or residential – to let the people see inside them. There are many ‘hidden gems’ across the Highlands, and this is a once-a-year opportunity to show them off!”

Participation in Highland Doors Open Days, including listings in the event brochure, website and local and national publicity, is completely free of charge. Anyone interested in finding out more should contact Rowan Tree Consulting who are organising the event on behalf of The Highland Council, email helen@rowan-tree-consulting.co.uk, tel. 01463 715225

11 May 2015
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